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Labeler and label printer

Brother label makers and label printers - how do they differ?

The world-famous Brother company is without exception the market leader in the production and distribution of printers and multifunction devices. Their great boast is also label printers and label makers, which have been our helpers for a long time and we use them every day in the workplace and even at home for labeling and organization. And it is Brother label makers and label printers that will be the main characters of this article. We will tell you what product lines of Brother label makers and Brother label printers currently exist, what features they have and how to distinguish them.


What are the tapes for DYMO label makers? And how to choose the right one?

DYMO is a leading manufacturer of not only label makers and label printers. Of course, their portfolio is also wider and includes consumables for their machines such as paper labels or label maker tapes, which we will be focusing on here. They have been on the market for over 60 years and have been specialising in label makers for all that time, so it is clear that they are among the market leaders. As we have already mentioned, they also specialize in consumables for their label makers and label printers and that is tapes and paper rolls and labels. In our last article we explained the Brother tape product lines, but what about the ones from DYMO? How are the tapes from this highly respected manufacturer different? We'll be happy to advise you on what to look for when choosing...