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Brother label makers and label printers - how do they differ?

The world-famous Brother company is without exception the market leader in the production and distribution of printers and multifunction devices. Their great boast is also label printers and label makers, which have been our helpers for a long time and we use them every day in the workplace and even at home for labeling and organization. And it is Brother label makers and label printers that will be the main characters of this article. We will tell you what product lines of Brother label makers and Brother label printers currently exist, what features they have and how to distinguish them.

Brother P-Touch label makers (abbreviated PT)

Brother P-Touch label makers come in desktop, pocket or PC-connected versions and most allow printing from mobile devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. Some include a keyboard with display, but some are designed specifically for use with mobile devices and PC connectivity only. All Brother P-Touch label makers print using thermal transfer technology, making all printed labels highly resistant to the elements.

Tapes for Brother P-Touch label makers are available in various widths from 6, 9, 12, 18 up to 36 mm. CAUTION - not every label maker can print tapes up to 36mm, so you need to be clear on how wide you want to print your labels first.

TIP: "Do you know the difference in ribbons for Brother P-Touch label makers?"

Features of the Brother PT-Hxxx label makers

  • Portable - they have a lightweight design, so you can carry them wherever you need them
  • They have a keyboard and display - you can create labels straight from the label maker
  • Easy to use - easy to operate and manipulate
  • Suitable for organisation in smaller offices or homes

Features of the Brother PT-Dxxx label makers

  • This range of desktop label makers is designed more for office work
  • They are easy to operate and have fast printing speeds
  • They have an easy-to-read graphic display and a wide keyboard
  • Brother PT-Dxxx labelers include a variety of fonts and styles so you can create a custom labels to your liking

Features of Brother PT-Pxxx CUBE label makers

  • Portable label makers suitable for printing labels in the office or in the comfort of your home
  • They have Bluetooth connectivity and are designed to print directly from mobile devices, so they don't have a display or keyboard like other models
  • They have a modern and simple design
  • They can print not only tapes but also fabric ribbons

Features of Brother PT-Pxxx label makers

  • The Brother PT-Pxxx label makers are part of the professional series
  • Suitable for offices and larger workgroups for medium print volumes
  • Some can even print 2D and industrial barcodes

Features of Brother PT-Exxx label makers

  • The Brother PT-Exxx series of label makers are mainly suitable for electricians
  • Contains electrician symbols
  • They have a keyboard and display for easier operation
  • Although they have a rugged design for use in rough terrain, they are portable and can be operated with one hand

Brother label printers

Brother label printers are the perfect choice for workers who need a reliable and fast address label printer for office work, for example. These label printers can be found under several product names, namely QL, TD, TJ and VC. They differ, for example, in connection options, printing technology, as well as in size and design, depending on which work sector they are primarily intended for. Brother label printers are high quality and reliable and are sure to make any job easier.

Brother QL series

This range of Brother label printers is more suited to office environments, but they can certainly handle smaller warehouses for shipping packages and organizing warehouse shelving, for example. It simply fits wherever there is a need for quick and easy label printing. All models with the QL name allow you to design labels using the free P-Touch Editor Light software. Brother QL label printers usually have a maximum print width of up to 62mm, but some even go up to 103.6mm.

Brother TD series

The Brother TD range of direct thermal desktop label printers are suitable for medium volume printing. With the Brother TD range of label printers, you can also easily print receipts or wristbands customised for you. The TD series label printers offer high print resolution and provide crisp text, logo and barcode printing. These label printers are sure to be used for example in offices, logistics (shipping labels), shops (product labeling, price tags, barcodes, etc.) or even in the healthcare industry (medical wristbands, tube and sample labeling, etc.). The maximum printing width of these label printers can vary according to the models, from 56 mm to 118 mm.

Brother TJ series

Brother TJ industrial label printers are very durable, fast and reliable, ideal for heavy duty applications and therefore suitable for high volume printing. They don't have the "industrial" label for nothing. These Brother TJ label printers can be found in a variety of variants that can vary in print technologies, equipment or maximum print widths, which can range from 104mm to 107mm, for example. They have a highly durable construction, so you really don't have to worry about them. You will therefore use them mostly in production (pallet labels, safety and assessment labels, product identification labels), logistics (transport services, mail order companies), shops (product labelling, price tags, barcodes, etc.).

Řada Brother VC

Under this designation we can find only one label printer so far, the Brother VC-500W. It is full colour, so your labels will not only be high quality and sharp, but mainly in colour. The labels themselves contain special colored crystals that change to the desired color as they are printed. What will you use them for? For example, for employee name tags, identifying folders and filing cabinets, labeling storage boxes and archive files, pictograms, or labeling shelves. This Brother VC-500W label printer has a maximum print width of up to 50mm.

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