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For companies and institutions

Are you a business with high consumption of toner and printer ink cartridges or labels and ribbons for label printers?

Are you a state, county or city institution, municipal government, institute, medical facility, school, etc.?

Avete bisogno di risolvere l 'adempimento di sostituzione per un datore di lavoro con oltre 25 persone? Nessun problema, ci pensiamo noi.


Write or call us.

We will discuss your needs and make acustomized and advantageous offer for you.


If you purchase through competitive bidding or DNS (dynamic purchasing system), we will be glad to participate in these as well.


We have 18 years of experience in the market, and most of the time we have been involved in competitive bidding.

Our clients include schools, hospitals, government departments, police, fire departments, etc...


Let us know and we can save you money on costs as well.

Custom labels

Do you use labels to ship goods, mark products, attach instructions, or anything else?


If you are not satisfied with the size of roll labels or A4 labels we have as standard, we will be happy to make custom designs of what you need.

- Individual format - white or color

- Partially pre-printed labels. For example, your logo in color and product description reprinted.

- Preprinted labels - on a roll or individual.


Your competitors already label products professionally. How about you?