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What are the benefits of photo ID cards?

Identification cards can be found on every corner nowadays, whether they are ID cards, insurance cards or other identity cards. But what can plastic (PVC) or magnetic (RFID) photo identification cards be used for in a company and how can they contribute to the efficiency of the attendance system?

  • Help with recording and checking attendance
  • You can customize their design according to your company's identity
  • Production can be immediate and personalised to suit
  • Thanks to the photo, it also protects you from duplicating them
  • Easily verify the cardholder's identity

So we already know that you can easily and confidently verify the visual identity of the holder by using the photo on the ID card. Of course, other personal data such as name, identification number, barcode, contactless chip or signature can also help you to do this.

And while ID cards are primarily used for identity verification, they are often even a tool for access and attendance control. In fact, when combined with appropriate chip technology, the card simplifies registration in an attendance system or opening doors that have restricted access.

A quality photo is an integral part of any identity card and can enhance your overall image in society. As the function of the photo can also be a matter of aesthetics, it is important that it is sharp and well printed. High-quality photo printing and overall graphics are inappropriate for a card printer with retransfer printing.

What products are needed to produce an ID card?

If you don't already own a card printer, you'll definitely need to choose one from the ones already available. Depending on your needs, you'll find different models that may differ in the way they print, lamination options or single or double-sided printing.

The second most important is, of course, the card itself. You can choose from plain plastic (PVC) cards or magnetic (RFID) cards. They also differ in the material used and their durability, so when choosing them, consider your requirements for print durability as well as the function you think they should perform.

You'll definitely need to choose a ribbon for printing, which you can't do without.

Tip: Card printing - how to choose the right ink ribbon?.

Another equally important one is the printing software. With the help of such printing software, plastic cards with a photo and name can be designed and printed, even with a database. When choosing a software, it is important to consider your existing as well as planned requirements.

You can also use any photographic device (webcam or camera) to create a photo on the card.

And last but not least, we can definitely recommend card cases and accompanying clips or lanyards for comfortable and visible carrying of identification cards.


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Sára from CDRmarket