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We are an official partner and distributor of JetWorld

As we strive to continually enrich our product range with new innovative and, most importantly, quality products, we have decided to join forces with a new supplier of compatible ink cartridges, toners and roller units. Which company is it and what can we expect from their compatible products? Find out from us in this article...

The JetWorld brand is owned by THI, which was founded in 2005 by one of the two current partners, who was previously personally involved in refurbishing printer cartridges. THI is based in the centre of Lodz, Poland and currently employs over 70 people. The production and warehouse space covers 6 000 m2 and the number of toners and cartridges ready for sale averages approximately 250 000 units. They currently have a product range of over 10,000 products and predominantly offer JetWorld compatible cartridges, JetWorld compatible toners and JetWorld compatible drum units.

How are they PREMIUM?

Their portfolio also includes raw materials and parts for the printer cartridge remanufacturing industry such as toner powder, chips, OPC drums and printer spare parts including remanufactured fuses. The JetWorld brand clearly prides itself on quality. As such, these are high-end products that are suitable for the discerning user who prefers more premium products but at more affordable prices.

Their greatest pride is their compatible toners, which in most cases contain high-quality toner powders from Japanese manufacturers mixed with their own according to a recipe invented in THI laboratories. These toner powders are among the few on the market that produce beautiful prints with a distinctive gloss. This ensures that they are almost indistinguishable from the original cartridges.

The JetWorld brand promises a much lower failure rate for all their cartridges due to careful inspection during manufacture. They even offer a lifetime warranty on their products. That's how confident they are in the quality of their compatible refills. JetWorld compatible refills are also, of course, manufactured to the necessary certifications - ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001.