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Label printers for low volume printing requirements

Do you own a small e-shop or do you just need to label the folders in your office? In our range we can offer you the best thermal label printers in TOP quality! Thermal printers print using heat. These printers therefore do not need any ink, toner or ribbon. The special paper (label) is chemically treated to display only the desired text or other black motif. This makes these printers very easy to operate and also makes them very durable and lightweight. They print only in black and white and are therefore sufficient for retail, where they are very popular. The disadvantage is the sensitivity of the thermal paper, which is susceptible to changes in heat or light. Its life is short and it loses its legibility over time. However, they are perfectly adequate for printing shipping labels etc.
Direct thermal printers are most commonly used for printing receipts, shipping labels or visitor business cards.
A suitable option that can be found in our range is the Brother QL-700 label printer.

What are its advantages?
  • Integrated label editing software without installation
  • Integrated cut to create labels with a specified length
  • Extreme printing speed of up to 93 labels per minute
  • Labels can be up to 62 mm wide and 1 m long
Our range also includes the newer Brother QL-800 and Brother QL-810W models. These have the added feature of red printing. For this you can use special labels DK-22251, 62mm x 15,24m. You will of course also find this type of label in our assortment.

The following labels are included with the label printer:

DK-11201: starter roll of standard address labels, 29 x 90 mm, 100 labels per roll
DK-22205: starter continuous paper roll, 62 mm x 8 m

Choose the right label printer in our range to help you label whatever you need in minutes!

Denisa from CDRmarket.cz