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How to choose the right printer refills

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Every printer owner has to deal with toner or inkjet replacement from time to time. So when your printer announces that it may be out of toner powder tomorrow, or that the inkjet is about to run out, do you know which cartridge to reach for? Things...




Don't worry about complications, we will be happy to help you with your choice. So, to make the choice of toner or ink cartridge as simple as possible, we offer you a look at 3 scenarios that can make the selection of a suitable cartridge go smoothly and quickly.

The type of filling is given, you probably don't have to deal with it

You basically decided on the type of ink cartridge when you bought the printer, so everything is clear in that respect. Printers with inkjet printing technology will simply require inkjets, and if you preferred a device with laser printing technology when you bought it, you will have to reach for toners. If your device's printing technology is not obvious to you, check the manual you received when you bought your printer.

The brand of toner / ink cartridge will not confuse you

The brand of ink cartridges or toners is similar to the type. So, you will practically choose the brand of the original cartridge according to the brand of the printer you bought. At this point, the issue of using alternative or compatible toners or cartridges comes to the fore.

Original or compatible?

JAs we've already mentioned, you have 2 choices when choosing a toner or ink cartridge for your printer. You can opt for a genuine cartridge manufactured directly by the printer manufacturer or a compatible cartridge.

Every printer manufacturer tries in some way to put "pressure" on users to use only genuine cartridges in their devices. However, it must be said objectively that in terms of quality characteristics, even compatible cartridges that have at least comparable parameters to their original versions are no worse off. The price difference is often abysmal.

So whichever option you choose, you should know that you won't go wrong in any way and that original and compatible cartridges will guarantee quality printing. However, to be 100% sure of the quality of compatible cartridges, look for information on whether they meet the requirements of the international ISO 9001 standard.

You can also decide according to the yield

If you are trying to achieve cost-effective printing, in addition to the price of the cartridge, the description of toners or ink cartridges should definitely not overlook the yield of a particular cartridge, i.e. the total number of pages printed.

So you can find toners or ink cartridges with different cartridge volumes and yields. Remember, however, that this is only quoted at 5% page coverage. And when choosing the right cartridge, remember that the cheapest toner is not always the best choice. You should therefore check the suitability of a particular printer cartridge by a simple recalculation. Refill price / refill yield = price of 1 printout. Such an uncomplicated conversion will tell you which cartridge is really worth buying for your printer in the end. You must also remember that the current state of volume may change in the future, so it is important to think about this when choosing a printer. So let's now take a look together at what choosing the right cartridge can look like in practice.


1.  I have an empty cartridge and I know its designation

If you have an empty ink cartridge or toner and know the markings, it's a really quick process to select and order a cartridge that you can have at home in just two days. So what do you need to do?

Nothing complicated, just type the refil designation in the search box. You don't have to plug the type or brand of printer into the search system, and you can leave the colour filter to one side. The system does everything for you and displays all relevant results, within which you get a quote for an original or compatible printer cartridge.

The search system can offer toners or ink cartridges even if they are incompletely labelled. For example, if you only read a numerical code from your cartridge, the system will identify it and offer several alternative cartridges with that designation. To give you a better idea, we can show you a simple example. You have found the numbers 3380 on an empty toner cartridge. After entering the code in the search box, you will be offered an original or compatible Brother TN-3380 black toner.

2.  I don't know the designation of the cartridge, but I know the model and brand of the printer manufacturer

You don't have to worry if you don't know the label of the cartridge, because if you know the make and model of the printer, you can proceed just as quickly when choosing the right toner or ink cartridge. The only difference will be that instead of entering the code or the cartridge designation, you will enter the make and model of the printer in the search box. In this case, the system will also present you with a suitable range of original or compatible toners.

3. I'm trying it myself, but there's a lot of choice and I'm not sure

There is nothing stopping you from searching for a suitable cartridge on our site by entering the type of toner or ink cartridge (original or compatible cartridge), marking the desired colour in the colour filter, clicking on the manufacturer and perhaps even sorting the product display by popularity, from the cheapest or most expensive product. However, the search result after entering these parameters will most likely offer you several products. Scrolling through the entire range, product by product, will take you valuable tens of minutes that you can use in a much more sensible way.

Our search is very accurate and works extremely reliably. There is therefore no reason for such a complicated alternative to searching for the right filling. This is all the more true as you can always make use of our services and advice.


We will help and advise you with the choice

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