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Dymo label makers and label printers

Unlike some other brands, the Dymo logo is not found on a large number of different appliances. However, we don't have to regret that at all. The company has simply chosen to do only what it understands best. The result is Dymo's reliable label makers and label printers designed for professional cable labeling, as well as office folders, roots and a host of other items.

Dymo is no newcomer to the label maker and label printer market. In fact, the company's history began more than 60 years ago. The company from sunny California started with mechanical labelers, so today the Dymo portfolio includes a complete range of high-end industrial, portable or desktop labelers for use in workplaces, offices, warehouses, homes and even classrooms.

The mechanical label maker is a classic, the electronic label maker a safe bet

Of course, Dymo's range also includes the aforementioned mechanical labelers. Mechanical label makers stand out for their durability and therefore longevity, but they are also very practical, requiring no connection and capable of producing labels with a print width of 9 to 12 mm. These can be used in the home office, workshop and in the home to label any object.

However, if you need to speed up your label work and also plan to use the labeler to label cables or junction boxes, for example, you'll need one of the portable electronic label makers from the Dymo LabelManager or Dymo Rhino series, which feature wiring symbols. Naturally, these label makers only allow you to label cables using self-adhesive tapes, either by creating a familiar flag or by traditional wrapping. Dymo labelers do not allow marking cables directly without tape; other devices are designed for marking cables, i.e. for marking cable ties. But let's go back to the Dymo label makers.

Dymo impresses with label makers and label printers

As we have already mentioned, Dymo label makers represent a higher class of equipment that can print 9 mm, 12 mm, 19 mm, 24 mm or up to 54 mm wide tapes. In general, these devices are characterized by uncomplicated operation, a display where you can directly see the output before the actual printing of the labels, and several useful details such as predefined symbols, different font styles, frames, punctuation marks, as well as diacritics, or the use of italics and bold.

From the user's point of view, it is also important that the Dymo range of label makers includes devices that can be connected to a PC via a USB port. The advantage of such an alternative is, on the one hand, the possibility of using a standard computer keyboard and, on the other hand, the simple possibility of importing data or various symbols or images from other applications onto the label being created. However, if you are not going to use the label maker together with the computer, nothing happens. There are a number of portable devices available where you will enter the required text or symbols directly from the keyboard of the labeler.

Naturally, your options don't end with portable labelers. The Dymo LabelWriter compact label printers, which work on the principle of direct thermal printing and are therefore able to print special paper or even plastic labels with a width of 56 mm, 62 mm or 104 mm without any ink cartridges, are a separate chapter. Dymo LabelWriter label printers, like some label makers, can be connected to a PC via a USB port. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, they also please with their high DPI resolution, so the professional quality of address, delivery or any other labels is no surprise.

Dymo tapes and labels keep up with label makers

Dymo tapes and labels have been rigorously tested to ensure they are UV, low or high temperature and water resistant. In principle, all labels and tapes are suitable for labelling objects. However, for specific requirements such as cable labelling, it is preferable to use more flexible nylon tapes that can adhere better to the curved cable.

Among the wide range we can also mention D1 tapes, which are the optimal alternative for professional labelers. D1 tapes boast, among other things, higher temperature resistance and better adhesion to surfaces compared to other tapes. However, you can also expect excellent readability of text or graphics along with reasonable durability from LetraTag or Rhino tapes.