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Choosing the right label printer

Label printers represent special devices that may not be used in the home, but are indispensable in offices, businesses and industries. Provided, of course, that you reach for a label printer that is 100% capable of performing its job.

Extremes are not good

In companies, as in offices, we quite often encounter two extremes when choosing a label printer. In the first case, there is an exaggerated desire to save money at any cost. However, for a well-established company that trades in goods and has thousands of items in its assortment or handles tens or hundreds of orders daily that must be delivered as quickly as possible to an impatient customer, a slow printer for address labels, barcodes or paper labels with other important information is almost useless. Trying to save money in such cases misses the mark and ultimately means a financial loss for the company.

However, an unnecessarily powerful paper label printer, which is unlikely to find a place in the intimate environment of a small company or office with a team of 3 or 4 employees, may not be a better investment. So, when buying the right paper label printer, the happy medium is the best way to go, but it's also worth bearing in mind the proverbial saying "we're not so rich that we buy cheap things".

There is something for everyone in the wide range

Choosing the right label printer is in many ways similar to choosing a label maker or printer, which we've covered in our previous posts. Even though it was a handheld label maker and a conventional printer, the basic advice and recommendations we mentioned for these devices have lost none of their relevance, can be generalized and can be applied to selecting the optimal label printer. Consideration of print frequency and volume, comparison of label printer functions, resolution or device connectivity can therefore also be relevant when choosing a label printer.

There are dozens of different label printers of all different brands on the market. We can mention companies such as PARTEX, SEIKO, BRADY, CASIO, TSC or HONEYWELL. However, BROTHER, DYMO and ZEBRA label printers also have perfect parameters. So what criteria should a printer for a small company or small workgroup meet and what features should a paper label printer designed for industrial sectors be able to offer? We will demonstrate the capabilities of label printers with specific models of the last three brands mentioned.

Brother and Dymo printers for small businesses

Printers and other business black goods are generally built to handle a heavier workload than equipment designed for occasional home use. Label printers are no different. Their equipment and parameters must be sufficient for higher print volumes, which of course cannot be comparable to the volumes required in industrial sectors. No one expects this from label printers designed for small businesses, their ambitions are somewhere else entirely.

In offices and small businesses, the reliable Brother QL-800 QL800YJ1 label printer can do the job perfectly, allowing black or red printing without ink. The printer can print high-quality, easy-to-read paper labels of various types ranging in size from 12 to 62 mm. However, if required, you can have a label up to one metre long from a continuous roll. The printer communicates with PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad systems. The P-touch Editor software for label creation and automatic label cutting will be a pleasure.

A similar, but slightly more expensive alternative is the Dymo LabelWriter 450 S0838780 label printer. Here, too, you can rely on fast, high-quality printing of address, shipping or binder labels. Barcodes, nameplates or other labels are no problem either. The printer is characterised by uncomplicated handling, which will not trouble even less skilled users.

Zebra label printers represent top quality for industry

Several models perfectly match the requirements of the industrial segment, but we were particularly attracted by the elegant Zebra DT label printer ZD620, which is one of the fastest in its class. But that's not all. The practical, simple 10-button user interface deserves attention, and the printer's compatibility with the ability to manage your label printer directly from the cloud won't disappoint.


The label printer enables creative and economical printing in industry, but it can also be used wherever the volume of printed materials is in high numbers.