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Brother label makers and label printers

Label makers and label printers are nowadays commonly used not only in industries or offices, but are also becoming more and more common in households. Labels help to increase labour productivity, further consolidate supplies and also inform and alert.

There are dozens of label makers on the market from various brands, but today we'll be most interested in Brother label makers and label printers. If you're wondering why we chose to look at Brother label makers and label printers, we'll explain right away. In our opinion, the aforementioned devices can withstand the strictest quality criteria and are always ready to offer their services, whether for private or business tasks. Fast, reliable, efficient, cost-effective and without complicated operation. As we are used to with other products in the Brother portfolio.

But that's not all. The fact that not only more expensive label printers with intelligent technologies, but also more compact and especially cheaper Brother label printers can support the efficiency of work or simple identification of objects, speaks in their favour to a large extent. The following lines will convince you that this is not cheap marketing.

There is something for everyone

Brother really leaves nothing to chance. So there are labelers and label printers for home or office use or for industrial labelling, workplace organisation and sorting. And not to be left with just words, let's take a closer look at the specific functions of Brother devices.

We can start with the P-touch label makers that connect to traditional or handheld computers and can print tags and labels from a smartphone or tablet using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Brother's range of P-touch printers includes desktop devices with integrated keyboards and LCD displays, as well as compact portable printers equipped with a QWERTY keyboard and backlit display that are perfect for electricians and installers. But make no mistake. A portable label maker is not only useful for labelling electrical wires and mains cables, but also for asset management, office and home.

P-touch labelers can print 12 mm, 18 mm, 24 mm and even 36 mm wide Brother tapes. Speaking of ribbons, we can mention the exceptional durability of printed TZe, TZe-FX, TZe-S and shrink HSE tapes.

Desktop printer vs. Brother industrial label maker

If you're looking for a cost-effective alternative for smaller print volumes, you should consider the Brother QL range of desktop printers, which can print paper labels from 50mm to 118mm wide. These devices offer ease of use that medium-sized businesses and companies will appreciate. Desktop label printers can be the perfect choice for logistics companies, warehouse management, retail and healthcare.

The TD series industrial label makers have a number of useful features that make labelling very simple and as efficient as possible. The devices also excel in fast printing, durability and reliability. The industrial labelers can handle high print volumes, allowing large companies, businesses, warehouses and distribution companies to keep up with the competition when producing address, warehouse, shipping or any other type of label.

It is worth identifying your needs before buying a specific device

Choosing the optimal label maker or label printer is much like choosing an inkjet or laser printer. Therefore, it is recommended to consider the frequency and quantity of label printing before purchasing a device. Of course, we must not forget the connectivity of the device and the desired functions or options of the label maker. For special requirements for label production in the field, the ability of the equipment to perform such tasks outdoors must also be taken into account.

In other words, choose the label maker or label printer that is closest to your actual requirements. There's no reason why you should invest unnecessarily in an expensive device designed for high volumes of label printing or a device with features you'll virtually never use. Naturally, the reverse is also true, and if you need to print dozens or hundreds of labels a day, you should definitely not skimp on a label printer.