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Are you familiar with Dymo labelers and label printers?

What the purpose of such a label maker or label printer is is already generally known. But are you familiar with their product lines? What do all those abbreviations in their names mean? In this article, we'll show you that it's not rocket science.

DYMO's portfolio includes labelers that are suitable for a variety of applications. Depending on the specific purpose, we can therefore expect precisely defined functions. In addition, the different Dymo label maker series print various consumables such as label tapes, shrink wrap, textile ribbons, etc. Of course, they don't just deal with labelers, but also label printers, which are of the same quality and contain a lot of great features that you can use in many work sectors.

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Dymo Omega series

Dymo Omega label makers are mechanical, so they do not print on the labels, but instead extrude individual letters and characters into the solid plastic tape. They are suitable for creating labels, for example, for marking spices and other things you are more likely to find in your home. The advantage of this solution is its ease of use. Even children can use these machines, for example, because they are safe and do not require power. The disadvantage is of course the already limited selection of characters and the small printing area.

Dymo LetraTag series (LT)

Dymo LetraTag labelers are already electronic, but still simple to use and suitable for printing small quantities of labels. You will use it more for household work to label containers, jars, drawers, toolboxes, etc. The Dymo LetraTag range offers a basic feature set of font size and style selection, bold font options and a graphical display that shows a preview of the label.

Dymo LabelManager series (LM)

These label makers already allow many more functions and are therefore very versatile and can be used in more industries. Dymo LabelManager labelers offer a wide choice of font types as well as formatting and border options. Most of the models of these labelers can already be connected to a computer, which makes it easier to work with a large number of labels and also allows you to print labels with barcodes in many popular standards (and some models even print QR codes).

These models of Dymo label printers and higher series such as the Rhino and XTL are now available for purchase both individually and even in hard carrying cases with all the necessary accessories.

Dymo Rhino series

Those who will benefit the most from Dymo Rhino professional industrial labelers are primarily professionals in electrical, telecommunications and ICT installations. This is because they can print shrink-wrap and flags in addition to conventional tapes.

For field work, these Rhino labelers are also perfect because of their durability, as their construction is mainly made of rubber material.

Dymo XTL series

Dymo XTL labelers are packed with all the important features. All professionals will appreciate the quality, design and features of this product line. They feature a library of automatic formats for printing labels on cables, wires, terminals and panels. Its ease of use is made possible by, among other things, a colour display that shows a realistic preview of the label. The Dymo XTL labelers are equipped with impact protectors and an easy-to-wipe keypad, making maintenance and cleaning hassle-free.


Compared to Dymo label printers, Dymo label printers can only be found under one product name - LabelWriter (LW).

These desktop label printers from Dymo are mainly used in offices, warehouses, medical facilities, online stores and other workplace industries where you will appreciate their functionality. With Dymo LabelWriter label printers, you'll primarily print self-adhesive labels in rolls, or self-adhesive labels that may already be pre-cut. For example, they can help you with record keeping, printing shipping labels, organizing folders in the office, or even in laboratories and hospitals with labeling samples and printing attachments for documentation.

The basic model of this series is the Dymo LabelWriter 450. The other label printers in this series are upgraded variants and thus each have their own specific extra function.

  • "DUO" - includes a built-in module that allows printing not only self-adhesive labels but also Dymo D1 series tapes
  • "TURBO" - offers faster label printing - up to 71 labels per minute (compared to 51 for the LW450)
  • "TWIN" - contains two independent print heads, so you can create two labels of different sizes with this printer (e.g. with sender and recipient addresses)
  • "WIRELESS" - is equipped with a WiFi module and can support multiple computers on a local LAN (WLAN)
  • "4XL"/"5XL" - has a wider head than other models and can print labels up to 105 mm wide

We hope that after this article you are a little more familiar with Dymo label printers and label printers. If you would like any advice on this or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.