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Copier or multifunction printer? What do you really need?

In the modern office, despite every effort to remain environmentally friendly, every worker copies or prints a lot of paper. With strict requirements becoming such an important part of office life, it's difficult to know which machine would be best for your workplace - the traditional photocopier, or its all-round talented cousin the multifunction printer (MFP)? Using the average office as a benchmark, which do you really need?


The copier makes copies of documents without necessarily being connected to a computer - simply insert your sheets and get instant copies. Nowadays copiers are much more functional than their older predecessors, and many include multifunction printer features such as support for different paper sizes. They are fast and simple to use and can be more robust than their multifunction counterparts.

The largest copiers need their own large dedicated areas to reduce misfeeds and jams, but in return they can offer a level of quality that could rival professional printers for the most expensive machines.

Traditionally, small machines are cheaper than multifunction printers, but overall they offer fewer economic benefits, so you may end up spending more in the long run.

Although a copier certainly does one thing very well, and it's only that ''one thing''. It may not quite suit the needs of a particularly busy office, where you will need the printer to do several things at once.

... or a multifunction printer (MFP) ?

The multifunction printer not only works as a copier, but has print, scan, email and fax functions combined into a single machine. As an all-in-one solution, these devices can offer great cost savings to businesses that print and copy large numbers of items. Multifunction printers can really change your company's overheads! The money savings are matched by time savings: one machine takes much less time than 3 or 4 and saves space even in a smaller office!
However, MFPs often offer relatively low resolution scanning, so specific models should be thoroughly investigated by those who need high resolution scanning.

To know which equipment would best suit your business, it's important to consider the different options:

  • How many people use your machine, how many at the same time and for what purposes?
  • How much space do you have and what is your budget?


For offices looking for a highly economical "little bit of everything" devices, a multifunction printer may be the right choice!

If you're not sure which machine would be most useful for your business, or if you want to discover areas where you could make significant savings on your printing costs, contact us and we'll be happy to help you choose!

Denisa from CDRmarket.